Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada Supports New Private Member’s Bill Introduced by MP Kody Blois

October 19, 2023

Ottawa, ON – The Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada (FVGC) enthusiastically welcomes the introduction of a new Private Members Bill by MP Kody Blois aimed at amending the Feeds Act, the Seeds Act, and the Pest Control Products Act. FVGC has strongly supported the ongoing initiative for a renewed, efficient, and adequately funded pesticide regulatory system that supports Canadian agriculture.

FVGC President, Jan VanderHout, said, “Bill C-359 represents a significant leap toward creating a competitive, sustainable, and resilient sector, while also ensuring safety to human health and the environment. We are particularly optimistic about the potential for environmental benefits and the reduction of regulatory burdens on Canadian growers.”

MP Blois’ Private Member’s Bill proposes amendments that would create a pathway for the provisional registration or approval of pest control products, seeds, and feeds within 90 days, provided they have already received approval in at least two other trusted jurisdictions. This is a practical approach to quickening the approval process while maintaining stringent safety and efficacy standards.

The bill offers a myriad of advantages that directly address the needs of Canadian growers. For starters, the bill facilitates faster access to innovative crop protection solutions, allowing farmers to better combat threats like pests and diseases, thereby improving both yield and produce quality. It also aims to reduce the cumbersome regulatory burden that our growers face. By recognizing approvals from at least two other trusted jurisdictions, the bill streamlines the approval process, saving farmers valuable time and resources that are better invested in their operations. This regulatory relief translates into tangible cost savings for growers and enables them to be more competitive in both domestic and global markets.

Furthermore, the bill opens the door to more environmentally friendly farming practices by accelerating access to sustainable crop protection products. Growers gain added flexibility in managing their crops and can adapt more swiftly to emerging challenges, an increasingly important capability in the face of climate change. The bill also offers an improved pathway for addressing specific concerns related to crop protection, presenting a win-win scenario for both the agricultural community and government agencies tasked with regulation.

As the agricultural sector confronts the escalating challenges of climate change, the provisions in this bill take on even greater significance. Climate change introduces new variables into crop management, including the emergence of novel pests and diseases previously unseen in Canadian agriculture. The bill’s streamlined approach to approving crop protection products allows for quicker responses to these unpredictable challenges, thereby fortifying the agricultural sector’s resilience against a changing climate. By enabling faster access to state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly solutions, the bill not only sustains current agricultural practices but also lays the groundwork for an adaptable and robust future.

VanderHout added, “This bill brings us one step closer to realizing a future where Canadian growers are empowered, efficient, and environmentally responsible. It’s more than legislation; it’s a blueprint for a thriving and sustainable agricultural community. We thank MP Kody Blois for championing this cause and encourage all Members of Parliament to support this landmark bill.”


For more information, please contact:

Ashley Peyrard

Communications Manager

Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada