Carbon Pricing Relief for Growers

FVGC urges Parliamentarians to adopt Bill C-234 in its original form, emphasizing its vital role in ensuring the affordability of food and the sustainability of Canadian agriculture. Let's empower the agriculture sector to thrive!


Canadian fruit and vegetable growers are recognized as leaders in adopting sustainable and climate-smart agricultural practices. The greenhouse vegetable sector faces nearly $29 million annually in carbon tax expenses, projected to increase to between $82-100 million by 2030. This financial burden comes at a time of rising inflation and input costs, placing unprecedented pressure on our farmers. These costs not only hinder our growers’ ability to adopt greener practices but also threaten to increase food prices for all Canadians.

Canada's Greenhouse Vegetable Industry
Greenhouse Vegetable Working Group

Why is this important?

  • The Parliamentary Budget Officer has made clear that this bill will save Canadian farmers $1 billion by 2030, reducing the cost of food for Canadian families currently struggling to afford groceries.
  • Adopting Bill C-234 would enable farmers to reinvest carbon tax expenditures into innovative, low-emission technologies, driving down both agricultural costs and consumer food prices, while supporting environmental sustainability.
  • Given the current surge in food inflation – the highest in 40 years – the enactment of Bill C-234 is a critical measure not only in agricultural policy but also in addressing the broader cost-of-living crisis in Canada.

Canadian Growers Need Support!

By passing Bill C-234 as originally written, Parliament can ensure that Canadian growers are not disproportionately impacted by carbon tax increases. This is not merely a financial relief but a strategic move to enhance the competitiveness of Canadian agriculture on a global stage, help to stabilize food prices, and ensure that Canadian growers can invest in sustainable practices and innovative technology. 

We invite all stakeholders—government officials, industry partners, and the public—to support this crucial bill. By doing so, we can safeguard the future of Canadian agriculture, ensuring that it remains sustainable and competitive.

Watch two Canadian greenhouse growers speak in these videos about the challenges of the rising carbon tax and what it means for their operations and for Canadian food security. 

What FVGC is Asking for:

Pass Bill C-234

  • Carbon tax costs imposed on the greenhouse vegetable sector are estimated at almost $29 million annually, and expected to rise to $82-100 million by 2030.
  • Canada is facing an affordability crisis. Inflationary pressures, interest rates and unprecedented, rising costs of inputs continue to disadvantage Canadian farmers and consumers.
  • Affordability is a key barrier to farmers’ ability to implement smart agricultural practices that reduce their GHG emissions and contribute other co-benefits to environmental sustainability.
  • Food prices will rise if farmers are forced to continue to pay the federal carbon tax.
  • FVGC calls on Parliamentarians to pass Bill C-234 as originally written!


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