Dear Valued Produce Suppliers shipping to Loblaw in RPC’s

Amended and effective April 23, 2015

This only applies to products that have been converted to RPC’s.

Attached please find print specifications for Loblaws new 4”x2” RPC label format. This new format has been approved for use by CFIA effective April 27, 2012. The new format is designed for ease of use and provides space for required regulatory information. This new format replaces the 10.5” x 2” label that is currently used for RPC shipments to Loblaw.

Please note the following:

  • “Pack Date” is a requirement on all cases and RPCs shipped to Loblaw. Pack Date is not required for “packaged” products that have a “Sell By” date.
  • Pack Date month should be alpha abbreviated as Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec. Day should be numeric from 1 – 31.
  • “Commodity/Variety” should be abbreviated if necessary to fit one line of text in CAPITALIZED 24 point Arial Bold font and should correspond to your product description as ordered by Loblaw.  Variety is only required for Apples.
  • “Pack/Weight” should reflect item size and quantity (i.e. “88 ct/40 lb.”, or “8 / 1 lb. clamshells”) and in a minimum of 16 point Arial Bold
  • “Grade” should be included where appropriate, also in 16 point Arial Bold
  • “Product of Country” must be included in 16 point Arial Bold
  • Use the bottom three lines to list any regulatory requirements applying to shipments of the product
  • Companies who are PTI compliant should include GS1 128 barcode and voice-pick code. If your company is not yet PTI compliant, leave barcode and voice-pick code as white space.
  • Label placement should be on the short wall of the RPC, to the left of the hand hole. Pallets should be stacked so that all labels face outward. (see images below)
  • The nominal label size is 4” x 2”. DRG’s template width of 3.875” allows use of handheld label applicator, and is acceptable.
  • Synthetic pressure sensitive labels with approved face-stock (Vinyl, Polypropylene, Polyester, Polystyrene, etc.) and acrylic adhesive shall be used on all RPC’s.
  • Absolutely no paper labels or rubber based adhesives shall be used on an RPC. Use of virtually all paper labels regardless of adhesive combination will damage the RPC cleaning process that we all have as paramount importance. Label and Bar Code as well as DRG have been fully vetted and approved for the supply of RPC labels. Others will be added in the future.
  • Approved vendors sell labels that have been proven to adhere adequately to an RPC and leave zero residues after cleaning.
  • No rubber based adhesives –Rubber based adhesives will not remove from RPC’s.
  • No card stock
  • Water Soluble Paper labels supplied by Label and Bar Code, and IFCO are currently the only paper labels approved for use on certain RPC commodities.

You will find attached 4 versions of RPC Label. Please choose one model that currently fits your business model and regulatory requirements for your region. We will accept any of these 4 label versions.

Please transition to this new label as you deplete inventory of your old label stock.  Contact one of our approved label providers for new stock;

For further information from Loblaw, please contact Jeff Dollar @ 519-620-3406