Crop Protection Summer Tour

August 29, 2023
FVGC Board of Directors’ Summer Tour
FVGC Board of Directors’ Summer Tour
FVGC Board of Directors’ Summer Tour

On August 16th, FVGC successfully hosted its annual Crop Protection Tour. The tour provides a bridge between two pivotal elements in the Canadian agricultural landscape: our dedicated growers and government regulators.

This tour provided an invaluable opportunity for them to discuss directly with growers the intricacies of pest management and understand the challenges that growers face daily in producing safe and healthy fruits and vegetables for Canadians. From the bustling apple orchards at Verger Trottier and informative presentation from agronomy experts at Agropomme, to the expansive vegetable fields of Les Productions Margiric Inc., and finally potato production at Les Fermes Petite Nation Inc. – every site was a learning opportunity.

To our participating farmers and hosts: thank you! Your hard work, dedication, and transparency ensure that the relationship between growers and regulators remains strong, informed, and cooperative.

The Crop Protection Tour provided a firsthand experience for regulators to learn about fruit and vegetable production and integrated pest management in a wide range of crops. Through direct interaction with growers and industry stakeholders who joined our tour, the regulators gained comprehensive insights into the challenges faced by farmers to manage pests and the vital role that crop protection products play in ensuring bountiful and quality yields.

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