Meet the International Workers: Shervan Lumsden

May 1, 2019

Shervin, a Jamaican native, has been coming to Canada since 2009. He and others like him make the long trip to prune, manage and harvest Canadian fruit and vegetable crops for Canadian farmers. He says this opportunity is a life-changer for a lot of people and he means every word of it.

“With this job, I can do things for my family that would have otherwise been impossible,” he says. Shervin has always been determined to make both his and his families’ lives better. Over the years, he has risen through the ranks to his current role as a supervisor at JC Fresh Farms in Southern Ontario. One consequence of working in Canada is that Shervin met his wife Monique here (she works in packaging). Shervin takes his role very seriously and even volunteers in the community.

“Like the other workers, I am very grateful for this opportunity,” he adds.

Thank you Shervin and all the other international farm workers who are so essential to Canadian fruit and vegetable production.