Meet the International Workers: Tony Rice

March 28, 2019

Tony has been coming back to Wilmot Orchards every year for 30 years. According to him, “it’s like a family reunion every time we come back.” As one of 14 siblings, Tony knows what he’s talking about!

Other than the financial benefits of working on the farm and being able to buy things to take home for his family (“with some money left over in his pocket,” he adds), Tony also appreciates the learning opportunities.

He says, “Charles (Stevens – owner of Wilmot Orchards) hides nothing from us. We can pass this info on to the new guys. Because Charles is away a lot (on business), we do a lot of the work ourselves. He trusts and respects us. He gives us a lot of opportunities to get around and do things. It makes us feel good about ourselves. I would like to keep coming back until I retire.”

To Charles, specifically, he adds, “Charles, I’ve worked for you for 30 years and I have no regrets. You treat us like a family. Anything that we want, we always get it. I like working for you 100%.”

Thank you, Tony, for being part of our community and for doing the work that you do.