Summary of the 2019 Minor Use Workshops

March 21, 2019

CHC’s Crop Protection Manager, Caleigh Hallink-Irwin attended the 2019 Minor Use Workshops in Gatineau, QC on March 19-21. Participants attended from across Canada, as well as from Brazil, Australia, and the United States.

The Pest Management Centre debuted its pilot program to build more flexibility into the minor use prioritization selection. The same total number of projects were still prioritized, but instead of the traditional 10 per discipline (pathology, entomology, weeds), 8 “A” priorities were picked per day with a maximum of 6 additional flex “B+” priorities. On the last day of the workshop, the “B+” priorities from all disciplines underwent a final round of selection in order to pick the final 6 “A” priorities for the year. This gives more flexibility for busy disciplines in any given year: pathology was a successful example, with 12 total “A” priorities this year.

In addition, a new “twinning” process was piloted this year, in which two projects per discipline were chosen to “twin” a conventional solution with a biopesticide solution, thereby increasing efficiency and putting forward 6 biopesticide projects.  Some doubts were expressed regarding this new “twinning” process, especially around crop/pest combinations that had no conventional solution to “twin” with, but we will have to wait for the PMC’s conclusions from the pilot project.

The projects chosen for 2019 were:


Crop Pest Potential Solution (Product)
Ginseng Alternaria Bumper 432EC
Radish Downy mildew Zampro, Orondis Ultra
Rutabaga Downy mildew Zampro, Orondis Ultra
Onion, dry bulb Downy mildew Picarbutrazox 10SC, Diplomat 5SC
Spinach White mold, Sclerotinia rot Intuity, T-77
Cucumber (GH) Downy mildew Picarbutrazox 10SC
  Downy mildew (TWINNING) Stargus (MB-110 EP), Lifegard WG
Strawberry (G) Anthracnose Dart, Stargus (MB-110 EP)
Strawberry (G) GH Botrytis grey mold Luna Privilege Greenhouse, T-77
Basil (field) Leaf blights A20560
Hops Downy mildew Picarbutrazox 10SC
  Downy mildew (TWINNING) Phostrol
Ornamentals, greenhouse Powdery mildew Gatten
Quinoa Phoma stalk rot Dyax, Lance
Christmas trees Sirococcus shoot blight None (APWS)



Crop Pest Potential Solution (Product)
Leek Thrips Delegate, Malathion
Spinach Seed corn maggot Lumiderm, Verimark
Apple Mullein bug NoVil, Beleaf
Cherry, sweet Cherry fruit fly, black cherry fruit fly Delegate, Malathion
Christmas trees Balsam woolly adelgid Altus, Closer
Hemp Corn borer Rimon
  Corn borer (TWINNING) Nomu-Protec
Ornamentals, greenhouse Mealybugs Altus, Ference
Ornamentals, greenhouse Thrips Huma Gro, Keyplex
Ornamentals, outdoor Broad mites Magister
  Broad mites (TWINNING) Bb-Protec
Christmas trees Blasma root aphid None (APWS)



Crop Pest Potential Solution (Product)
Celeriac Labelled weeds Chateau
  Broadleaf weeds (TWINNING) Supress
Onion, dry bulb Labelled weeds (mineral & muck soil) Prowl H2O
Cherry, sweet Labelled weeds Chikara
Peach Broadleaf weeds, pre, incl. vetch Chikara
Honeysuckle, edible (B) Labelled weeds Ignite
  Labelled weeds (TWINNING) Supress
Buckwheat Wild oat Avadex
Bromegrass, hybrid, meadow, smooth (seedling and established) for seed and forage Labelled weeds Cirpreme XC
Fescue, creeping red (seedling) for seed and forage Labelled weeds Cirpreme XC
Alfalfa (seedling & established) for seed and forage) Labelled weeds Conquer all-in-one
Ginseng Weeds None (APWS)
Rice Weeds None (APWS)