Meet the International Workers: Felix Guzman Acosta

February 14, 2019

For Felix, being an international farm worker in Canada has been a life-changing experience for his entire family. He’s been coming to Canada to work for 28 years; the last 14 years have been in Leamington, Ontario.

“I’ve worked with a lot of different crops, people and had the privilege to live with workers who have become my good friends,” says Felix. “I haven’t had any problems in Canada ever.” Over the years he learned a lot about growing tomatoes, squash and now that he is in a greenhouse environment, he works with cucumbers, bell peppers and cherry peppers too.

Felix’s enjoys his boss, who he says treats the workers as family. They are often invited to join the family at dinner, and every year the farm has a big party for the workers, last year the festivities even included a band. If workers need anything at all to do their jobs, they know they just have to ask, they get what they need to get the job done.

Over the years Felix has benefitted from the technology advance. In 1991 he would communicate back home writing letters and cards, or maybe one or two phone calls. Today he chats with his wife Maria, using a cellphone daily.

“Thanks to my job I’ve been able to get a decent home, and gave my three children an education,” he says. Felix’s four grandchildren also benefit from his labour, he is able to take them on trips to see more of their world.

“When I go back home, we like to spend our time together as much as possible,” continues. “That’s the whole family, grandsons and granddaughters included.” That is the happiness and satisfaction that working in Canada has afforded Felix.