PMRA proposes continued sale of acephate products

November 18, 2016

Following an evaluation of available scientific information, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has determined that properly labelled products containing acephate do not pose unacceptable risk to human health nor to the environment. As such, the PMRA has proposed that products containing acephate continue to be sold in Canada.

Full details of the PMRA’s study and its results are available here:  Special Review of Acephate: Proposed Decision for Consultation.

Please submit any comments on this proposal to no later than December 15, 2016.

Acephate is a type of insecticide used to control a broad range of pests in a variety of places. It can be used on forests and woodlots, municipal parks, greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals, terrestrial food and feed crops, and more.