Urgent Action Needed: Amendment to Bill C-234 Threatens Canadian Growers

octobre 25, 2023

Last week, an unexpected amendment was made to Bill C-234 in the Senate. This is a bill that FVGC has been strongly supporting because it was set to extend the current 80% exemption provided under the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (GGPPA) to a full 100% exemption for heating and cooling in agricultural buildings and greenhouses. However, this recent amendment removes this critical provision, leading to severe financial implications for growers, and consumers alike, and hindering our collective goals for sustainable farming and climate action. Read our press release here pour en savoir plus.


FVCG is advocating to reverse this change, before it is too late. We are working with the Agriculture Carbon Alliance and other partners in the agricultural sector to remind Senators that Canadian growers need the exemption from carbon pricing in order to continue growing fruits and vegetables for Canadians.

What You Can Do

Coordinated Media Engagement

Grassroots Member Mobilization

Immediate Outreach to Senator Simons, Woo and Senator Dalphond

  • Your Role: Send letters, emails, and phone calls to Senators Simons’, Woo’s and Dalphond’s offices to express disappointment and seek clarification.

Email Senators

  • Your Role: Our objective is to rally such extensive support from Canadians that the Senate will have compelling reasons to reject these amendments. FVGC has a template letter available to assist you.
  • The Agriculture Carbon Alliance has also organized a Click and Submit Campaign on their website. There are options for growers and also those who work in/support agriculture to submit letters to Senators. Click here to send an email. 

Please contact Angela Reid or Julie Paillat with any questions.


Let’s act now; our growers’ future and the sustainability of the Canadian fresh fruit and vegetable industry depend on it.


Association Letter to Senators Template Senator Email Addresses Social Media Campaign Click and Submit Campaign


FVGC’s Press Release – October 20, 2023

Agriculture Carbon Alliance Press Release – October 25, 2023

Canadian Federation of Agriculture Press Release – October 26, 2023

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