CHC applauds the government for recognizing the importance of fruits and vegetables in new Canada Food Guide

janvier 25, 2019

As the voice of Canada’s fruit and vegetable growers, we are extremely pleased that the new Canada Food Guide now provides such a clear message to Canadians: half your plate should be fruit and vegetables.

A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a cornerstone of good health and an important line of defense against chronic disease. Over 80% of Canadians do not consume the recommended number of fruits and vegetables per day. The economic burden attributable to this today is $4.4 billion in direct and indirect costs (H. Kruger & Associates, 2016). CHC welcomes the recommendations in the new Canada Food Guide, which serve to address some of these concerns.

“I would like to thank Minister Petitpas Taylor and all the people who have worked on this file over the years,” said Rebecca Lee, Executive Director, Canadian Horticultural Council. “It is a tremendous achievement. As we celebrate, let’s not forget to recognize the hard work of Canadian fruit and vegetable growers. We will continue to look to the federal government to increase accessibility to quality fruits and vegetables for all communities, to encourage consumption of Canadian produce, and to support the growth our sector, so that farmers can continue to provide highly nutritious and safe produce for generations to come.”