CHC Greenhouse Committee hires resource

juillet 4, 2016

CHC Greenhouse Committee Chair, Linda Delli Santi, is pleased to announce the hiring of Julie Paillat as the National Coordinator, Greenhouse Vegetable Sector.

Ms. Paillat holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Agronomy) from the University of Manitoba and is a registered Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) with the Ontario Institute of Agrologists.

In previous positions she served as a Research and Innovation Specialist with the Egg Farmers of Canada, a Soybean Breeding Research Associate with Monsanto Canada and an Agronomist with Les Semences Elite du Québec. She is fluently bilingual.

Julie will travel to the Leamington area to visit greenhouse vegetable production facilities in July and take up her position in the offices of the Canadian Horticultural Council in September.

L. Delli Santi noted “We have always admired the Canadian Potato Council model and are looking to replicate their success. We will begin on a half time basis as see where the future takes us.”