Felena’s a single mom from Trinidad and Tobago, with a son and daughter aged 13 and 10. Back home, she lives with her mom, with her siblings close by. Everyone depends on her and the salary she makes as an international farm worker. She calls it her “bread and butter”.

At first, she wasn’t able to find a job because she is a woman. But Schuyler Farms, in Norfolk County, gave her a chance. In fact, the farm is still the only farm in Ontario to hire female workers from Trinidad and Tobago. For many other farms, the investment in infrastructure to build separate accommodations for women is simply too great.

Felena has been coming back to the Schuyler Farm every summer since 2013. Although she still misses her kids and acknowledges the sacrifice she makes being away from them, they are now a bit more self-sufficient, so the distance has gotten a little easier. It also helps that the farm has great Wi-Fi, so she can regularly video-chat with her family via WhatsApp.

Thank you, Felena, for being a part of our community and for doing the work that you do.