CHC participation at BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association AGM reveals labour as a key concern

avril 27, 2018

Rebecca Lee, CHC’s Executive Director, provided an in-person update for members at the BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association AGM on April 20. The presentation was very well-received, with many voicing their appreciation for CHC’s in-person participation.

Rebecca also took advantage of her trip to the west coast to visit several farms and to learn more about the concerns of B.C. growers.

Rebecca visits the BC Cranberry Research Farm while in BC to attend the BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association AGM.

One of the issues that quickly rose to the forefront of the conversation was the limited availability of labour. Due to delayed Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs), many farmers are unable to get workers. These delays and other labour-related issues are severely affecting farmers’ ability to plant and harvest their crops.

CHC is highly focused on the labour issue and is taking several steps to advocate on behalf of members. These activities include launching a public-awareness campaign in fall 2018 about international farm workers, as well as ongoing meetings with Members of Parliament and government officials to discuss everything from high-level policy reviews to the detailed issues many growers are facing on the ground.

CHC would be happy to present your organization with an update of its activities and to discuss with your members in person. If you would like CHC to attend your next event, please contact .