Labour awareness campaign meets fundraising target and moves into pre-production

décembre 11, 2017

After an intensive six-month fundraising campaign, CHC is happy to announce that it has achieved its fundraising target and is proceeding to pre-production for a “promotional campaign featuring heart-warming and inspiring videos about international farm workers, their families, and the farmers who employ them.”

Production will begin in the early spring, with the videos and accompanying awareness campaign to be rolled out at the end of the summer.


CHC thanks the following sponsors for their support (in alphabetical order).

  • Association des emballeurs de pommes du Québec
  • Association des producteurs de canneberges du Québec
  • BC Blueberry Council
  • BC Fruit Growers’ Association
  • BC Greenhouse Growers’ Association
  • Brookfield Gardens
  • Association canadienne de la distribution de fruits et légumes
  • Fondation des Entreprises en Recrutement de Main-d’œuvre agricole Étrangère (FERME)
  • Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Services (FARMS)
  • Horticulture Nova Scotia
  • Norfolk Fruit Growers’ Association
  • Nova Scotia Fruit Growers’ Association
  • Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association
  • Ontario Ginseng Growers’ Association
  • Peak of the Market
  • Western Agricultural Labour Initiative (WALI)

CHC will be providing regular project updates to its sponsors throughout the production of the videos.

How to participate

Each new participant adds important financial support that furthers promotion of the videos. The more we promote the videos, the more people will see them and the greater the impact they will have all over Canada. Contact  to get involved.

This short video explains why CHC is creating the videos and accompanying awareness campaign about international farm workers.