CHC hosts greenhouse sector research strategy workshop in preparation for Cluster 3 funding proposals

janvier 25, 2017

The Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) has begun to host research strategy workshops for its commodity sectors. These workshops are essential in developing strategies that will form the backbone of CHC’s proposal under Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Agri-Science Cluster 3 funding stream.

As part of this initiative, CHC recently hosted a workshop for greenhouse representatives. Participants from B.C., Ontario and Quebec worked together to explore opportunities for potential research projects that will most benefit Canada’s greenhouse sector as a whole.

Over the coming weeks, CHC will be meeting with its other commodity groups—potato, apple, vegetable and berry—to develop separate research strategies tailored to the specific project needs of each sector. The development of these strategies, and the workshops that support them, are essential to the application process and to the strength of each commodity sector’s activities as part of the overall CHC Cluster 3 proposal. Facilitation of these workshops, and support in developing strategies and final proposals, is provided by CHC as an important value-added service to its members.

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