CHC President and Executive Director participate in horticulture value chain round table

janvier 16, 2017

Keith Kuhl, President of the Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC), and Rebecca Lee, CHC Executive Director, participated in a recent round table meeting hosted by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The purpose of the meeting was to enable an in-depth discussion on common issues in the horticulture value chain between government agencies and the horticultural industry.

Attendees discussed neonics, labour, sustainability, youth engagement, and research, but carbon pricing emerged as a new focus area. Attendees expressed concerns that Next Policy Framework funding will be insufficient to address issues that will result from the government’s national carbon pricing policy. The federal government must work closely with provinces to ensure that the horticulture industry is not unfairly disadvantaged.

The round table will focus on the following three priorities in future discussions:

  • Climate change and carbon pricing (Flowers Canada will lead, CHC will provide active support)
  • Pesticides (CHC will lead, Flowers Canada and the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association will provide support)
  • Communication (Members will be able to share messages with their own organizations.)

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