Business Risk Management


Business risk management (BRM) tools are essential to Canada’s agriculture. FVGC requests that the federal government ensure there are funds allocated to allow AAFC’s continued review of current BRM programs, and work with industry to ensure these programs are effective.

What FVGC is Asking For

  • Increase the AgriStability margin coverage to 85%. The current 70% trigger level provides very limited protection to farms.
  • Work with stakeholders to explore changes to BRM programming options that are meaningful and focused on program effectiveness rather than funding levels.
  • Examine options for enhancing access for greenhouse growers to production insurance.
  • Establish an industry-government technical working group that allows farm groups to actively participate in BRM data and impact analysis.
  • Work with industry to develop and deploy innovative risk management tools to assist farmers manage production risks in horticulture. This would be especially critical for greenhouse growers, who currently lack access to the government’s crop production insurance program, which covers most grains and oilseeds, and a considerable number of other horticulture crops.


CHC advocates on behalf of fruit and vegetable growers to ensure the maximum effectiveness of Canada’s BRM programs:

  • AgriStability, which provides support when growers experience a large margin decline;
  • AgriInvest, which provides cash flow to help growers manage income declines;
  • AgriInsurance, which provides cost-shared insurance against natural hazards to reduce the financial impact of production or asset loss; and
  • AgriRecovery, which is a disaster relief framework that works with the above programs to help agricultural producers recover from natural disasters.

For more information

please contact Robyn McKee, Policy Research and Development Manager.