Lead Scientist: Dan Johnson, PhD University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta

Collaborators: Larry Kawchuk, PhD Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta Scott Meers Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

This project focuses on a new disease, zebra chip, and disease vector, Potato Psyllid, that may threaten economic losses for the Canadian potato industry.

Project Objectives

  • Conduct field surveys and network contacts aimed at generating new data on occurrence of the zebra chip disease agent and the psyllid insect vector in Canada;
  • Refine laboratory test methods and field sampling methods;
  • Apply new data on zebra chip in Canada, if found, and adaptation of methods and biology from areas of known infestation to develop and field-test sampling and monitoring protocols;
  • Develop an on-line, GIS-based method of summarizing and rapidly disseminating field monitoring results;
  • Develop practical PC-based computer modelling methods for simulating development of the stages of the psyllid insects;
  • Undertake a literature survey of research results and control programs, relating to zebra chip and potato psyllid;
  • Develop a statistical modelling study of possible spatial patterns, variances and age structures that could be appear, and the best practices for sampling them reliably and efficiently.

Progress Report