Meet some workers

Meet some of the women and men who travel from their home countries to work on Canadian farms, and the farmers who employ them.

Felena Pereira

At first, Felena wasn’t able to find a job because she is a woman. But Schuyler Farms gave her a chance. In fact, the farm is still the only farm in Ontario to hire female workers from Trinidad and Tobago...

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Shervan Lumsden

Over the years, Shervan he has risen through the ranks to his current role as a supervisor at JC Farms in Southern Ontario. One consequence of working in Canada is that Shervan met his wife Monique here (she works in packaging)...

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Joseph Hackett

When Joseph first came to Canada as an international farm worker in 2004, he only intended it as a one-time job. But owner Charles Stevens and his family at Wilmot Orchards made him feel so much at home that he has been coming back every year since...

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Gary Dickson

21 years ago, Marshall Schuyler, from Norfolk County, recruited Gary to work on his farm. With the money he made, he put his two kids through school. Those kids are now grown up and have kids of their own...

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Tony Rice

Tony has been coming back to Wilmot Orchards every year for 30 years. According to him, “it’s like a family reunion every time we come back...”

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Lester Cruz Cueto

Although Lester is away from his family for almost eight months a year, what he is able to do with the wages he earns in Canada has made it very worthwhile. “Without this type of job, I would not have been able to help my children fulfill their dreams..."

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Ronald Lakhan

For the past 14 years – every summer – Ronald has been coming back to Simcoe, Ontario, to work on the Schuyler Farm. Since his grandpa passed away, he has been sending money back home to his dad and sister...

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Felix Guzman Acosta

Being an international farm worker has been a life-changing experience for Felix and his entire family. He’s been coming to Canada to work for 28 years; the last 14 years have been in Leamington, Ontario.

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Moses & Margarito

The brothers both work together on the same farm. There is just one issue: Margarito cannot speak or hear...

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