Lead Researcher: Mario Tenuta, PhD University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Collaborator: Fouad Daayf, PhD University of Manitoba

This project is aimed at improving on existing methods for quantification of Verticillium in soil which cannot separate the amount of V. species damaging to potato or canola and are subject to wide variation in analyses results due to subtle inconsistencies in laboratory reagents to rear the pathogens.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a fast and accurate method for the quantification of V. dahliae (a pathogen of potato and other Canadian crops such as tomato, alfalfa and sunflower) and V. longisporum (a pathogen of canola and other mustard family crops) in soil for Canadian potato growers.
  • Adapt the method to a commercial laboratory setting to provide fast enough turnaround of analyses that producers can decide on control options prior to planting their crop.

Progress Reports