Research Lead: Mary Kay Sonier

Collaborators and Institutions

  • PEI: David Main, Research Biologist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Charlottetown
    Zenaida Ganga, PhD, Research Scientist, Cavendish Farms
  • Québec: Andre Gagnon and Sophie Massie, Progest Inc.
  • Ontario: Allan Sullivan, PhD, and Vanessa Currie, University of Guelph Sam Squire, Agricultural Consultant Rickey Yada, PhD, Reena Pinhero, PhD, University of Guelph Manitoba Darin Gibson, Gaia Consulting Ltd. Alberta Michele Konschuh, PhD,
  • Alberta: Agriculture and Rural Development British Columbia Heather Meberg, E.S.Cropconsult Ltd.

Project Objectives

This activity includes 7 areas of sub-activity:

  • PEI – Variety evaluation: adaptation and yield trials & development of management profile of selected promising varieties.
  • QC – Potato varieties and line evaluation
  • ON – Variety Development; Nutrient Quality Evaluation of Processing and Table Stock Potatoes
  • MB – Evaluation and Adaptation of French Fry Potato Varieties
  • AB – Variety Evaluation
  • BC – Variety Evaluation

Progress Report