Awareness campaign on international farm workers

Without international farm workers, there would be no Canadian fruit and vegetable production.

Most of us never think about how food gets onto our tables, or the critical role played by the men and women who work in the fields and greenhouses. It is an enormously labour-intensive and complex process. Sadly, Canadians are generally unwilling or unable to take on the rigours of farm labour, which is why many Canadian producers rely on international farm workers to help plant and harvest their crops.

The current labour shortage has reached epic proportions, with 114,000 vacancies predicted by 2025. It's only with the help of international farm workers that Canadian agriculture stands a chance. FVGC has initiated this special awareness campaign to inform Canadians about this important relationship.

Watch videos

Watch these videos to better understand international farm workers and the labour situation in Canada.

Facts and key messages

Learn about housing, wages, healthcare, and the laws that protect international farm workers in Canada.

Meet some workers

Meet the workers, their families, and some of the farmers who employ them.

Campaign updates

Stay up to date with news and information about our awareness campaign, as it develops.

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