Della Johnston, PhD

Directrice, Recherche, développement et technologie, Agriculture et agroalimentaire Canada

photo de Della Johnston

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Dr. Della Johnston is the Director of Research, Development & Technology for Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada’s Harrow Research & Development Centre, the Ontario Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office located in Guelph and the London Research & Development Centre which includes the Vineland research farm.

Dr. Johnston is a graduate of the University of Guelph, College of Biological Science (B.Sc. Honours Microbiology) and the Ontario Veterinary College (Ph.D. Pathology /Parasitology). She joined the federal government in 2003 as a medical microbiologist with Health Canada and was responsible for the scientific evaluation of biotech organisms. In 2006, she led a team of scientists in the Biotechnology Section, Environment CanDella ada, conducting risk assessments of the environmental effects of living organisms that are products of biotechnology. She has been engaged in a wide range of research, scientific evaluation or research management activities, including genomics, biotechnology, microbiology and bioproducts. Currently, she is responsible for the research conducted at the Harrow and London Research and Development Centres as well as the projects undertaken for the Ontario Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office located in Guelph. She is the sector lead for Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada’s national horticulture portfolio, vertical farming and northern greenhouses.