Potato Production in Canada

potatoes behind map of Canada

Potatoes are grown in every province in Canada. Production is distributed in Atlantic Canada (35.7%), Central Canada (18.7%) and Western Canada (45.6%) by area. 64% percent of Canadian-grown potatoes are used for processing (frozen French fries, potato chips, flakes and other dried products such as starch, etc.), 24% for fresh table consumption, and 12% for seed2.

Potatoes contribute to a healthy diet. A medium potato (148 g) provides  an excellent source of potassium (720 mg or 21% Daily Value), vitamin C (45% DV), fibre (16% DV) and iron (10% DV) while containing no fat or sodium.

Canadian Potato Statistics:

  • Harvest Area (acres): 154,169/380,960
  • Number of Potato Farms in Canada: 951
  • Production (tonnes): 5,689,455
  • Total Farm Value: $ 1.454 billion
  • Average Canadian Potato Yield  (tonnes per harvested hectares): 36.90
  • Top Potato Producing Provinces (by hectares): PEI: 34,499, MB: 31,565, AB: 27,438
  • Seed Production (hectares): 24,509
  •  Value of Canadian Exports ($ million): fresh: $421,336,635, seed: 37,267,622, frozen: $1.881 billion, other processed: $212,944,608 
  • Top 3 Exports Countries of Fresh Potatoes: U.S.A: $402,654,665, Indonesia: $2,737,453, Thailand: $5,072,000


  • Green indicates an increase from the previous reporting period.
  • Red indicates a decrease from the previous reporting period.

All data from Potato Market Information Review, 2021-2022