Field vegetable production in Canada

field of lettuce behind map of Canada

Vegetables are recognized as being essential to a healthy diet. The increased consumption of vegetables is directly tied to good health. Canadian field vegetable growers are ensuring that not only do Canadians have access to a huge variety of field vegetables, but also that they are of the highest quality.

In every province and territory in Canada, growers are constantly improving their practices using new technology and techniques to ensure optimal efficiency and quality.

Canadian field vegetable statistics:

  • Number of farms in Canada9,057
  • Planted area (hectares^)98,158
  • Top three provinces, planted area: Ontario: 48%; Québec: 36%; BC & Alberta: 8%
  • Top three commodities, planted area (hectares): Corn*: 19,112; Peas: 12,906; Beans: 8,165
  • Marketed Production (metric tonnes)2,025,837
  • Marketed Production (metric tonnes), top three commodities: Tomatoes**: 401,858; Carrots: 324,468; Dry Onions*: 209,060
  • Farm Gate Value ($ x 1,000)1,037,592
  • Farm Gate Value ($ x 1,000), top three commodities: Carrots: 107,151; Lettuce: 95,479; Tomatoes*: 83,588
  • Fresh Vegetable Exports ($ x 1,000)1,586,719
  • Fresh Vegetable Exports by Commodity ($ x 1,000): Peppers: 361,681; Tomatoes**: 326,231; Cucumbers: 204,898
  • Top three vegetable export destinations ($ x 1,000): US: 1,544,909; Japan: 17,872; Netherlands: 6,69


  • Green indicates an increase from the previous reporting period.
  • Red indicates a decrease from the previous reporting period.
  • Black indicates no change or no information from the previous reporting period.

All data from the Statistical Overview of the Canadian Vegetable Industry - 2015.

* Sweet corn
** Field Vegetables
^hectares = 2.47 acres