Greenhouse Vegetable Working Group

Over the past decade, the greenhouse vegetable sector has experienced strong growth to become the largest and fastest growing segment of Canadian horticulture. Canada’s greenhouse farmers are deeply committed to growing safe, healthy, high-quality, and sustainable fresh vegetables that are available virtually year-round to consumers here and abroad.

As with other Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada (FVGC) Working Groups, the Greenhouse Vegetable Working Group is comprised of members who are growers and/or represent grower associations from the five main greenhouse vegetable producing regions: British Columbia, Prairies, Ontario, Québec, and Atlantic. FVGC and its greenhouse vegetable members work closely with a range of stakeholders and government partners to help inform policy decisions, maintain and enhance market access, and ensure an innovative, competitive sector with a strong growth agenda.

The Greenhouse Vegetable Working Group meets during the year to address ongoing issues and matters arising, such as plant health, trade, crop protection, risk management, research and innovation, food safety and traceability, and other concerns of common interest.

Chair: Linda Delli Santi

Vice-Chair: Joe Sbrocchi

To contact the Chair, call the National Office at: (613) 226-4880 or send an email to the National Coordinator, Greenhouse Vegetable Industry, Julie Paillat.